The Keyboard that types for You

Meet TypeSnippets…

Sick of typing the same phrases over and over on your phone? You must have tapped out your email address and telephone number a thousand times.

TypeSnippets does away with mistyped email addresses and repetitive tapping by giving you a keyboard filled with all the pieces of text that you type all the time.

…the Keyboard you’ll Love.

  • Built for iOS 8

    TypeSnippets is a custom keyboard for iOS 8, so it's always just a tap away. Tap and hold the globe icon to go to TypeSnippets. All done? Tap the globe again to head back to QWERTY land.

  • Create Snippets for everything

    Add your twitter name, home address and your phone number. Or, copy some text to add a snippet from the clipboard. We even have a list of suggested snippets, so it's easy to come up with good ideas for new ones.

  • Try it for free

    You can create up to three snippets for free, and get even more by sending the app to friends. Want to upgrade to unlimited snippets? That's just a few bucks.